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Hong Kong & Macau construction radar mutterings from the Recruiter

Long gone are the days of the Construction boom where jobs were plentiful and candidates were seeking large scale infrastructure projects in the region, not only to advance their career and better their experience but also their pay package as well.

With the West Island line completion and the near commencement of both the Kwun Tong Line Extension and South Island Line these project opportunities are proving to be far and few between - unless of course they over run over on their deadlines.

Over the past 6 years I’ve seen as abundance of applications and CVs in Hong Kong from candidates job hoping from one company to another relentlessly in the hope to secure that little bit better pay package they so desperately want, although from an employers perspective this usually doesn’t bode well. Commitment, uncertainty and a lack of growth potential all come into question when being presented with such ‘patchy’ CV’s.

Today however candidates are becoming more mindful about switching jobs given the scarcity and limitations within the current market. Tables have turned favouring the employer who fortunately for them can pick and choose committed individuals they wish to secure to see the project through to completion.

So moving forward what can we expect within this sector? Well hearing the government’s plans of eventually approving funds and releasing more Civil infrastructure projects into the city’s regions we may just have another boom on the way but this time round not so much bustle in the Civil sector as to what we can expect within the Building Construction and redevelopment works.

Terminal 3 has been approved by the environmentalist once weary of the contaminated mud at the bottom of the sea and of course concern around the habitat of pink dolphins in our waters.
The Liangtang boundary project is also well on its way, as is the Express Rail Link (assuming we have seen the last of its delays).

The HKZM Bridge and the Tuen Mun Chep Lak Kok highway road routes are busy on the side and the Kai Tak redevelopment plans are also due to going ahead - so plenty of building works and facilities to be constructed at the CBD 2 of Hong Kong.

Macau on the other hand has seen a dip in the construction development landscape on the island with the big money casino projects coming to an end and only job opportunities available for local engineers. On the grapevine too is local government rumour of limited or no work availability for oversea blue card holders from September 2016.

So there you go, that is the sum of my mutters and overview of the Construction industry radar in Hong Kong thus far. Interested in hearing thoughts from both candidate and clients point of view.