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Your resume, one of the most influential documents you own, must exude confidence, star quality and must stand out from the competition. It's neither an art nor a science, simply common sense to tailor your resume to suit the job you are applying for.

Are you excited about the new projects starting in HK?  Airport Terminal 3, West Kowloon Cultural District, Boundary Crossing, New Building Projects?

If so, get your CV ready TODAY and you could be working on some on these new projects TOMORROW

Below are my top tips for writing a winning CV!

1. Stick to the point - 2 pages maximum please. Employers spend less than 10 seconds looking at the CV so keep it real.
2. Personalise it - include a short cover explaining why you are perfect for the role!
3. Mind the gap - no gaps please. If you’re been out of work just add any travel, course and volunteering you have done.
4. Spell check - the easiest way to fail at the first hurdle - grammar and spelling mistakes.
5. Honesty - simple, no fibbing please.
6. Make me pretty - use bullet points and keep sentences short.
7. Keywords - Job titles and job buzzwords will help a search engine pick out your CV from the pile.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your CV.
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OK so it seems obvious, but once you are in that interview room, it's just you, the interviewer, and whatever is going on in your head. Make sure that you have anticipated likely questions and done your research. No form of pressure or tricky questioning should throw you.

After reading our top tips below, why not practice your interviewing technique on the 'Be my Interviewer' website: