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The company’s annual travel incentive this year once again brought together the teams from our regional Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia office for a long weekend trip bound for Koh Samui. Sparing no expense in rewarding our highly motivated teams, the multiple award winning Hansar Koh Samui Resport provided the ideal stay for our deserving 3C synergy employees. The exotic setting gave time for some quality R&R along with an active team-building activity line-up and bonding. 

The highlight of the trip included our water based competitive team challenge involving constructing a makeshift raft from barrels, planks and rope with no technical training, followed by a speed and manoeuvrability race. Needless to say the task ignited copious amounts of competitive fire and team camaraderie!

Our team dinner and annual award ceremony also recognised key individuals in a number of company-wide awards, including Best Role Model, Most Improved Staff Member and Best Team Player. Winners were nominated by fellow colleagues as being deserving of a win within the relevant category.

The combination of team building action, recognition and reward is an integral part of 3C Synergy’s benchmark in providing all valued team members with an unforgettable enriching experience.

3C Synergy's annual incentive trip has somewhat become the preeminent sought after event in 3C's calendar.

For the past 3 years 3C Synergy has arranged annual incentive trips for all of their employees to key destinations such as Phuket, Macau and Borneo.

The world of White Collar Boxing has welcomed sterling performance participation for two consecutive years from our 3C Synergy lads; Tristan Allan (Director, HK & Singapore), Babs Khanduja (Associate Director, Singapore) and Johnny Lai (Senior Consultant, Hong Kong). Not fighters at heart but certainly out to push boundaries and set themselves up for a challenge to experience the thrills and spills of this competitive sport, as well as the hard-core training and preparation.

Last May, 3C Synergy sent their fab and fit four-person strong team to take part in the annual Asia Pacific 2013 Lighthouse Club ascent of Mt Kinabalu.

Babs Khanduja, Tristan Allan from the Singapore office, together with their colleagues Johnny Lai and Angela Cheng from the Hong Kong office, scaled the 4,095m mountain in Borneo in aid of fundraising for the Lighthouse Club (Charity serving the Construction sector).

Last month we saw another one of our lads step up to the plate and fly the flag for 3C Synergy at the White Collar Boxing event held at the Suntec Convention Exhibition Centre in Singapore. 

Lenny Madriaga, Senior Consultant from our Singapore office was our latest WCB recruit to show off his jabs from his hooks and his cross from his uppercut in the presence of the hundreds that attended to witness some real spirit and action unfold, on what was an incredibly well orchestrated and fun night out. All in the name of one of the most worthy causes you can think; the Children's Surgical Centre in Cambodia.