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How to get your first job (as a recent graduate)

With so much fresh talent coming into the market year upon year, how can our grads stand apart from the crowd and land themselves that ideal job with the perfect company and get their career off to a flying start?
Securing an interview is hard enough but securing that job offer need not be. So once you have that interview confirmed how do you go from being a prospective candidate to bagging that much needed offer?

Set yourself up in focusing on these three key areas:

Exude confidence (but don’t kill it with over confidence) - during the interview process let your natural confidence shine through and give reason for the company to understand who you are, how you can contribute and why they should hire you. Show your ability, previous experiences and how you may be able to relate it to what the hiring company does. Don’t go overboard in impressing but impress UPON the interviewer with your background, education, culture and personality.

Demonstrating the value you can bring to the organisation, show and share enthusiasm for the role and the company. Most candidates make the mistake of going to an interview to find out what the company can offer them, instead of showing the company what value they can offer in return. Remember the interviewer is meeting you at the first time, he/she doesn’t know you at all but can form a make-or-break opinion within the first 60 secs. So make yourself stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Prepare, prepare and prepare – do your company research to set the scene for that all important first impression. Understand the company’s dynamics, performance, history and culture. Dig around and find out a little about the person interviewing you, you may not be the one interviewing but ‘getting to know’ your interviewee may just help you feel more at ease during that one to one session.

In conclusion, treasure every interview you get during your job seeking period. Understand that success and rejection go hand-in-hand. Operate with a resilient mindset regardless of the outcome. Remember every “No” is one step closer to a “Yes”.

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