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3C Synergy's annual incentive trip has somewhat become the preeminent sought after event in 3C's calendar.

For the past 3 years 3C Synergy has arranged annual incentive trips for all of their employees to key destinations such as Phuket, Macau and Borneo.

This highly regarded highlight of the year aims to bring together the team from our regional Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia offices to solely recognise the team’s stellar accomplishments over the course of the year. The two night, all-expense paid trip aims to promote team bonding and camaraderie including a better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities which includes our competitive 3C Synergy table tennis tournament!

2013’s reigning champions Dee Quinton (Associate Director, Hong Kong) & Farah Dasuki (Recruitment Consultant, Singapore) reluctantly handed over the crown to our 2014 winners, Lenny Madriaga (Senior Consultant, Singapore) & David Park (Consultant, Hong Kong)

The success of these annual incentive trips is a true testament to the strength of our core business and our high calibre of experienced employees. Our trips promise to leave our happy team energized and motivated ready to smash new annual targets whilst gearing themselves up for the next trip to Koh Samui in 2015.

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