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Last May, 3C Synergy sent their fab and fit four-person strong team to take part in the annual Asia Pacific 2013 Lighthouse Club ascent of Mt Kinabalu.

Babs Khanduja, Tristan Allan from the Singapore office, together with their colleagues Johnny Lai and Angela Cheng from the Hong Kong office, scaled the 4,095m mountain in Borneo in aid of fundraising for the Lighthouse Club (Charity serving the Construction sector).

The Lighthouse club provides charity and welfare assistance to families associated with the construction industry, by way of medical support for injured workers, assistance for families affected by fatalities and education scholarships. 3C Synergy personally donated HKD 38,800/S$ 6,500 to the Lighthouse fund, whilst our four 3C Synergy team members collectively managed to raise a further HKD 10,700/S$1800 for this worthwhile charity.

On the first day, the team climbed to 3,200 meters. At 2:30 a.m. on the second day, the last phase of the ascent started and the team reached the peak just after sunrise at 6 am, to a breath-taking view.

“It was a gruelling walk of about 18 hours over two days, on difficult terrain, and into the thinning air of high altitudes. At several points our group had to use ropes to scramble up steep rocks. It was, however, a fantastic experience to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain”, said 3C Synergy’s Associate Director; Babs Khanduja.

Great job to 3C’s fearsome foursome for undertaking such a major feat for charity and well done for conquering the summit of Southeast Asia’s highest mountain peak!

(Participants: Babs Khanduja, Tristan Allan, Angela Cheng and Johnny Lai)

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