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The world of White Collar Boxing has welcomed sterling performance participation for two consecutive years from our 3C Synergy lads; Tristan Allan (Director, HK & Singapore), Babs Khanduja (Associate Director, Singapore) and Johnny Lai (Senior Consultant, Hong Kong). Not fighters at heart but certainly out to push boundaries and set themselves up for a challenge to experience the thrills and spills of this competitive sport, as well as the hard-core training and preparation.

White Collar Boxing may sound rough, but there's a tender cause at the heart of this tournament organised by Vanda Sports Group. Occurring biannually, this highly anticipated event of the calendar has raised close to $3 million for various charities such as the Spastic Children's Association in Singapore, the Hong Kong Red Cross and the Children's Surgical Centre in Cambodia since it was introduced seven years ago. To date 4 team members have entered the boxing, winning 2 out of 3 bouts (1 bout in hand). 3C Synergy have sponsored 4 Gold tables at the event, raising over S$20,000. We are extremely proud to participate in the cause, which has bought a new meaning to us working hard and playing hard.

3C Synergy is now on its third year of supporting this event that see’s it’s participating employees undergoing a 12-week intense training program, to go onto compete in a gruelling 3-round bout all in the name of charity.

(Participants: Tristan Boxing - Mar 2013, Babs Boxing - Nov 2013, Johnny Boxing - Mar 2014, Lenny Boxing - Oct 2014)

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